Affordable Toys and Creative Kits for adventurous, creative and curious kids and teens!

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Memorable Fun still exists without the need for a smart phone; without the need
for a tablet or an e-reader or an iPod; without the need for a laptop or a computer!
Most games on these devices squash interactions between family members and
friends; subdue natural imagination; eliminate physical fun and quickly drain the
type of battery used in these devices, ending the fun before the absorbed child is
finished playing.

With high quality, low tech toys for kids their adventurous and curious minds can be
supported, nurtured and educated by gift giving parents, grandparents and caregivers.
And the bonus for parents, grandparents and caregivers is a stronger bond of love
from the child for satisfying their need to be active and challenged.

Today there are some high quality, low-tech and engaging building kits for teens; creative
kits for kids and teens; toys that challenge – teaching a skill, even toy tools for adventurous
fun, all at affordable prices. The alkaline type of batteries used in some of these toys
will last a very long time, ensuring long lasting fun. Don’t forget to include the batteries
needed for the gift!

Recently, I purchased the following gifts from Amazon for birthdays. Act quickly as
prices on Amazon quickly change:

A Sticky Mosaics Card Making Kit for a twelve year girl. She is a budding, talented artist
and she loves to make her own cards for various occasions, including Thank You notes.
She loved it and sent me a Thank You note!

A Liberty Imports World Racing Car for a four year old boy. It has 30 take apart pieces,
tools, lights, sounds and is battery operated.

A SmartLab Toys Ultimate Secret Formula Lab Science Kit for a ten year old girl. She is
an aspiring Scientist and with her younger brother and other kids in the neighborhood,
they all happily got busy with the experiments, under her instructions.

A Pretend Play Electronic Cash Register for a six year old girl. It is battery operated and
has realistic sounds and actions. This little girl’s face lit up! She insisted I pretend play
with her, purchasing the products that come with the Cash Register. Her two older
sisters also wanted to play.

A Bounty Hunter BHJS Jr. Metal Detector for an eight year old boy. He grinned from ear
to ear. It is battery operated, which I pre-loaded, so he was able to immediately begin
using it and was thrilled when it beeped and the needle moved. His father was telling
him that in addition to using it in the yard and locally, he could use it at the beach and
when they went camping. I think Dad was looking forward to trying it out.

An Ultimate Soldier Attack Military Helicopter Building Kit for a 14 year old boy. He is
fascinated with military jets and helicopters and has hours of enjoyment building them
when given the opportunity.

A Little Engine Hat with a Bandana and a Whistle for a 5 year old boy who loves trains!
He looks adorable in the hat with the bandana around his neck.

A Balance Bean Game for an eight year old boy. He also likes to be challenged! A certain
number of beans must be placed just so on either side of the see-saw to be perfectly balanced.
There are easy, medium, hard and very hard challenges. Only one child can use it at one
time. He loves it! His friends love it!

Give your kids a gift that will turn on their creativity; activate their imagination; increase their
skill set and get them moving!