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On our This & That Blog we will provide information on various interesting topics such as photography with resources; kid’s stuff with resources; being prepared for inconveniences and disasters with resources and other topics. Information and resources which we hope will be beneficial to many.

Our first featured topic is Photography.
Photography captures every visual detail of a moment in time, in the form of a permanent record. These can be shared with others, giving them a taste of the experience of the photographer. Enjoy the videos, photos and resource links on our Blog page.

Best of all, watch the fantastic video by professional photographer, Matt Allen. His footage provides a virtual experience of the picturesque mountainous area surrounding the city of Calgary in Canada. Click on the Joys of Photography post below and you will find Matt’s video. Be transported through it to the majestic Alberta province of Canada.

Animated video credit: Simon Taylor – see end of video for more credits.


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