Cameras for KIDS

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Give Your Child the Joys of Photography.

girl-with-cameraHave you ever had the pleasure of seeing a kid with a camera? Have you seen a sense of power with joy rise up in kids when a camera is put in their  hands? Their initial lack of skills never dampens their enthusiasm for taking pictures.


Photography Inspires Kids

Having a camera inspires kids to explore the world around them and capture what they see and like, so they can show their family members and friends.  They can’t be a couch potato when the world outside is calling to them to “come and see” and “click.”


Photography Teaches Life Skills to Kids

Learning photography early in life helps kids learn how to focus, not letting other things distract them.  And they learn the need to control their energy and be still for taking a better picture.  The camera skills they learn early in life will be a lasting benefit all of their life.


Photography Empowers Kids

Many kids are shy. A camera will help them be bold; enabling them to connect better with people.  Taking pictures of others, who are willing and gracious, will help the child feel more comfortable around people. Forgetting their shyness in their eagerness to show the picture to the ones in it.

Cameras are a wholesome fun gift! Some kids cameras come with fun features like photo editing, stickers for the photos and movie making with voice recording.  Some also have games on the cameras.


Follow the links on the sidebar to Amazon and read the extensive reviews. 


The photo link on the sidebar leads to the VTech Kidizoom Camera Pix – available in blue or pink. I purchased the previous model for a 6 year old boy and he loves taking pictures, playing the games and recording his voice, so he can play it back and laugh.


The second link leads to other VTech kid camera options.  Happy shopping for a gift your children and their friends will love!